Abstract: Paper No. 11

Health, Work, and Economic Well-Being of Older Workers, Aged 51 to 61: A Cross-National Comparison Using the United States HRS and the Netherlands CERRA Data Sets

Richard V. Burkhauser, Debra Dwyer, Maarten Lindeboom, Jules Theeuwes, and Isolde Woittiez.

August 1997

Abstract:  This paper uses data from the United States Health and Retirement Study and The Netherlands CERRA Retirement Panel Study to compare the health, work, and economic well-being of men transitioning into retirement in these two countries in the early 1990s. We find that in the United States work still dominates the income of men aged 51 to 61, while a larger share of Dutch men this age have already transitioned out of the labor force. We argue that differences between United States and Dutch institutions, rather than differences in the underlying health conditions of men in this age group, are more likely to explain this phenomenon.

A revised version of this paper appears in James Smith and Robert Willis (eds.), Wealth, Work, and Health: Innovations in Measurements in the Social Sciences. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press. (pp. 233-265). Those interested in this work should contact that publication.