Abstract: Paper No. 2

Time? Money? Both? The Allocation of Resources to Older Parents

Kenneth A. Couch, Mary C. Daly, and Douglas A. Wolf 

December 1995

Abstract:  This paper examines how families allocate resources to accommodate the needs of older, non-coresident parents. We treat decisions about hours allocated to parents, to the labor market and to housework, as well as money transfers to parents, as jointly determined at the household level. We find that higher-wage men give more money and less time to parents, while women's behavior is less responsive to potential wages. Among married couples, the health of the wife's parents affects time transfers and the health of the husband's parents affects money transfers. Finally, women respond to their parents' poor health by reducing leisure, but do not appear to reduce their labor market time.

A revised version of this paper appears in Demography Vol. 36(2)(May) 1999: 219-232. Those interested in this paper should see that journal.