Abstract: Paper No. 3

Coresidence with an Older Mother: The Adult Child's Perspective

Douglas A. Wolf, Vicki Freedman, and Beth Soldo

December 1995

Abstract:  We estimate models of coresidence between adult children and their elderly unmarried mothers, using data from the National Survey of Families and Households. The models include controls for women's wages, along with other variables representing competing demands on their time. Among married couples we explicitly represent the "competition" for residential space between a child's mother and mother-in-law. The information necessary to identify the observations of interest-respondents with a living, unmarried older mother-is missing in most cases. We address this problem using a multiple imputation strategy. The results indicate that wages, income, and parental health are related to parent-child coresidence; among married couples, wives' mothers are more likely to coreside than are husbands' mothers, other things being equal.

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