Abstract: Paper No. 7

The Immigrant Sample of the German Socio-Economic Panel

Richard V. Burkhauser, Michaela Kreyenfeld, and Gert Wagner

January 1997 

Abstract:  Over the last decade, immigration has changed the demographic composition of the western states of Germany. About 5.6 million people immigrated into the western states of Germany between 1984 and 1994. To capture the consequences of this dramatic change in the German population, a sample of these recent immigrants was added to the German Socio-Economic Panel (GSOEP) in 1995. This sample will allow researchers to investigate the integration of these immigrants into German life. This paper provides users of this new data sample with an overview of German immigration policy over the last decade, and describes the characteristics of the immigrant sample.

A revised version of this paper appears as "The German Socio-Economic Panel: A Representative Sample of Reunited Germany and its Parts," Vierteljahrshefte Zur Wirtschaftschung, 1(1997): 7-16. Those interested in this work should see that journal.