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Maxwell School

Aging Studies Program Paper Series 

All of our papers accessible over the WWW and may be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download a FREE copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here. Also, any paper listed below may be requested from the Publications Officer, Center for Policy Research, 426 Eggers Hall, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York 13244-1020. Each hard copy of a paper costs $5.00 US; please include payment with your mail order. For more information, please contact Publications Officer at:

  • No. 24. "Have 401(k)s Raised Household Saving?  Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study," Gary V. Engelhardt. June  2001, 63pp.
  • No. 23. "Pre-Retirement Lump-Sum Pension Distributions and Retirement Income Security: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study," Gary V. Engelhardt. June  2001, 46pp.
  • No. 22. "Chasing the Elderly: Can State and Local Governments Attract Recent Retirees?" William Duncombe, Mark Robbins, and Douglas Wolf. September 2000, 39pp.
  • No. 21. "Association between Body Size and Mortality in Later Life." Christine L. Himes. June 2000, 24pp.
  • No. 20. "Patterns of Time Use of People Age 55 to 64 Years Old: Some Cross-National Comparisons." Anne H. Gauthier and Timothy M. Smeeding. March 2000, 26pp.
  • No. 19. "Stability and Change in the Living Arrangements of Older Italian Women, 1990-1995." Cecilia Tomassini and Douglas A. Wolf. April 1999, 20pp.
  • No. 18. "Estimating the Income Effect on Retirement." Douglas Holtz-Eakin, David Joulfaian, and Harvey S. Rosen. April 1999, 25pp.
  • No. 17. "Traditionality, Modernity, and Household Composition: Parent-Child Coresidence in Contemporary Turkey," Hakan Aykan and Douglas A. Wolf. November 1998, 31 pp.
  • No. 16. "Residential Choices and Prospective Risks of Nursing Home Entry," Kenneth A. Couch and Duke Kao. November 1998, 30 pp.
  • No. 15. "When Random Group Effects are Cross-Correlated: An Application to Elderly Migration Flow Models," Karen Smith Conway and Andrew J. Houtenville. October 1998, 37 pp.
  • No. 14. "Intergenerational Co-Residence and Children's Incomes," Thomas A. Dunn and John W. Phillips. October 1998, 42 pp.
  • No. 13. "Elderly Migration and State Fiscal Policy: Evidence from the 1990 Census Migration Flows," Karen Smith Conway and Andrew J. Houtenville. August 1998, 58 pp.
  • No. 12. "Estimating Federal Income Tax Burdens for Panel Study Income of Dynamics (PSID) Families Using the National Bureau of Economic Research TAXSIM Model," Barbara A. Butrica and Richard V. Burkhauser. December 1997, 50 pp.
  • No. 11. "Health, Work, and Economic Well-Being of Older Workers, Aged 51 to 61: A Cross-National Comparison Using the United States HRS and The Netherlands CERRA Data Sets," Richard V. Burkhauser, Debra Dwyer, Maarten Lindeboom, Jules Theeuwes, and Isolde Woittiez. August 1997, 43 pp.
  • No. 10. "How Older People in the United States and Germany Fared in the Growth Years of the 1980s--A Cross-Sectional versus a Longitudinal View," Amy D. Crews and Richard V. Burkhauser. August 1997, 32 pp.
  • No. 9. "Changes in Economic Well-Being and Income Distribution in the 1980s: Different Measures, Different Outcomes," Richard V. Burkhauser and Amy D. Crews. June 1997, 30 pp.
  • No. 8. "Testing the Significance of Income Distribution Changes Over the 1980s Business Cycle: A Cross-National Comparison," Richard V. Burkhauser, Amy D. Crews, Mary C. Daly, and Stephen P. Jenkins. June 1997, 42 pp.
  • No. 7. "The Immigrant Sample of the German Socio-Economic Panel," Richard V. Burkhauser, Michaela Kreyenfeld, and Gert Wagner. January 1997, 31 pp.
  • No. 6. "Late Life Job Displacement," Kenneth A. Couch. January 1997, 18 pp.
  • No. 5. "Do Parents Divide Resources Equally among Children? Evidence from the AHEAD Survey," Thomas A. Dunn and John W. Phillips. January 1997, 26 pp.
  • No. 4. "Determinants and Consequences of Multi-Generational Living Arrangements: The Case of Parent-Adult Child Coresidence," Ulrike Schneider and Douglas A. Wolf. January 1997, 46 pp.
  • No. 3. "Coresidence with an Older Mother: The Adult Child's Perspective," Beth J. Soldo, Douglas A. Wolf, and Vicki A. Freedman. December 1995, 31 pp.
  • No. 2. "Time? Money? Both? The Allocation of Resources to Older Parents," Kenneth A. Couch, Mary C. Daly, and Douglas A. Wolf. December 1995, 32 pp.
  • No. 1. "The Division of Family Labor: Care for Elderly Parents," Douglas A. Wolf, Vicki Freedman, and Beth Soldo. August 1995, 31 pp.