Abstract: Paper No. 183

Onondaga County's Economic Performance since 1980 and Prospects for the Next Decade

William Duncombe and Wilson Wong 

February 1997 

The last three decades have been a time of transition for the economy of Onondaga County. After its poor performance in the 1970s, it rebounded during most of the 1980s. Since then the county economy has stagnated and even declined in key sectors. This report probes behind these aggregate trends to shed light on the nature of the changing county economy. To put these trends in perspective, the county's performance is compared to that of other metropolitan areas and regions in New York State and several fast growing metropolitan areas in the South. Understanding the reasons for Onondaga County's current economic status can help county policymakers shape future infrastructure investment and social and economic development policy. The picture that emerges from this analysis is one of pessimism for the prospects of Onondaga County's economy regaining the growth pattern of the 1980s in the next decade. 

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