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Microsimulation Series Publications List

All of our papers accessible over the WWW and may be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download a FREE copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here. Also, any paper listed below may be requested from the Publications Officer, Center for Policy Research, 426 Eggers Hall, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York 13244-1020. Each hard copy of a paper costs $5.00 US; please include payment with your mail. For more information, please contact Publications Officer at:

  • No. 6. "The Role of Microsimulation in Longitudinal Data Analysis," Douglas A. Wolf. February 2001, 33 pp.
  • No. 5. "Shrinking Kin Networks in Italy Due to Sustained Low Fertility," Cecilia Tomassini and Douglas A. Wolf. December 1999, 28 pp.
  • No. 4. "Stochastic Modeling of Active Life and Its Expectancy," Douglas A. Wolf and Sarah B. Laditka. January 1997, 38 pp.
  • No. 3. "Individuals' Lifetime Use of Nursing Home Services: A Dynamic Microsimulation Approach," Sarah B. Laditka. April 1996, 54 pp.
  • No. 2. "Family Structure and Institutionalization: Results from Merged Data," James McNally and Douglas Wolf. January 1996, 38 pp.
  • No. 1. "A Model for Simulating Life Histories of the Elderly: Model Designs and Implementation Plans," Douglas A. Wolf, Jan Ondrich, Kenneth G. Manton, Eric Stallard, Max A. Woodbury, and Larry Corder. August 1995. *Contact first author for information on the paper.*