Microsimulation Series Publications List

Any paper listed below may be requested from the Publications Officer, Center for Policy Research, 426 Eggers Hall, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York 13244-1020.  For more information, please contact Publications Officer at puboff@syr.edu.

  • No. 6. "The Role of Microsimulation in Longitudinal Data Analysis," Douglas A. Wolf. February 2001, 33 pp.
  • No. 5. "Shrinking Kin Networks in Italy Due to Sustained Low Fertility," Cecilia Tomassini and Douglas A. Wolf. December 1999, 28 pp.
  • No. 4. "Stochastic Modeling of Active Life and Its Expectancy," Douglas A. Wolf and Sarah B. Laditka. January 1997, 38 pp.
  • No. 3. "Individuals' Lifetime Use of Nursing Home Services: A Dynamic Microsimulation Approach," Sarah B. Laditka. April 1996, 54 pp.
  • No. 2. "Family Structure and Institutionalization: Results from Merged Data," James McNally and Douglas Wolf. January 1996, 38 pp.
  • No. 1. "A Model for Simulating Life Histories of the Elderly: Model Designs and Implementation Plans," Douglas A. Wolf, Jan Ondrich, Kenneth G. Manton, Eric Stallard, Max A. Woodbury, and Larry Corder. August 1995. *Contact first author for information on the paper.*