CPR graduate students participated in the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) meetings in Albuquerque this past week...


Tian Tang  Qing Miao Lincoln Groves  Sun Jung Oh

Grad student Tian Tang presented "State Energy Policies, Learning Process, and Technological Change in the US Wind Industry," on Thursday afternoon. 

On Friday, Qing Miao presented "What Drives Climate Preparedness: An Assessment of State Climate Adaptation Planning in the United States" in a panel on Friday afternoon.

The following grad students presented on Saturday, November 8th

Lincoln Groves will present his paper entitled “Still “Saving” Babies? The Effect of Medicaid Expansions to Children in the 1980s on the High School Graduation Rates in the 2000s,”

Sun Jung Oh will be presenting "When School Desegregation Ends: Policy Changes and Outcomes."