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CPR Graduate Student Poster Session

When: Thursday, December 7, 2017 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Where: 426 Eggers Hall


CPR grad students will present their work at this poster session.

Jeehee Han- "Does Free Lunch for All Help the Most Needed? A Study on South Korea’s Universal Free School Lunch Policy and High School Dropout Rates"  
Boqian Jiang- “Three Essays in Urban and Regional Economics”  
Hyunseok Jung- "Studies on Technical Inefficiency and Worker Interactions in the Production Process."  
Ling Li- “Workplace Safety and Worker Productivity: Evidence from the MINER Act”  
Jindong Pang- "The Effect of Urban Transportation Systems on Employment Outcomes, Housing Affordability, and Urban Traffic Congestion"  
Laura Rodriguez- “Does High School Sports Participation Reduce Labor Market Discrimination”   
Shulin Shen- “Studies in Housing Market Dynamics and Cointegration Analysis with Latent Factors”  
Iuliia Shybalkina- “Does Participatory Budgeting Direct Public Money to Poor Neighborhoods?”  
Saied Toossi- "Determinants of Video Gaming Terminal Adoption and Revenues: Evidence from Illinois"