Yulong Wang

Assistant Professor, Economics


 Yulong Wang is an Assistant Professor of Economics in the Maxwell School and a Senior Research Associate in the Center for Policy Research. Before joining Syracuse University, Wang earned a B.A. at Tsinghua University in Beijing and Ph.D. in economics from Princeton University. His current research focuses on designing new econometric tools in the non-standard instances when the classic asymptotically Gaussian framework fails to provide good performance. These tools are strongly motivated by empirical applications. Leading examples include estimating the location of the tipping point in social segregation, determining metropolitan areas based on nighttime light intensity, inference about winner’s properties in auctions, and studying the cost of extreme events such as natural disasters. 

Select Publications

"Fix-k Asymptotic Inference about Tail Properties." Yulong Wang and Ulrich K. Mueller. Journal of the American Statistical Association 112 (2017), 1134-1143.

"Nearly Weighted Risk Minimal Unbiased Estimation." Yulong Wang and Ulrich K. Mueller. Journal of Econometrics 209 (2019), 18-34.

Working Papers
"Inference in the Change Point Model with Time Varying Moments." Yulong Wang. (Formerly circulated under the title "Inference in the Threshold Model".)

"Unbiased Estimation of Tail Properties in Small Samples with Complete, Censored, or Truncated Data." 

More Publications