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Global Security & Development Program


Syracuse students pay Syracuse University graduate tuition plus an administrative fee of $400.  Korbel and GSPIA students pay regular tuition and fees directly to their home institution.  Here is a preliminary estimate of costs for the semester, excluding tuition. 

Estimate of Costs Per Semester
Administrative fees (SU students only)**   $400
Housing and meals  $6,200
Medical insurance  $750
Books and supplies   $600
Personal expenses  $700
Commuting expenses   $500
Total   $9,150 

*Please note that joint JD/IR students must pay law school tuition for any credits that they take through Maxwell-in-Washington. 

**Please note that students will not be located on Syracuse University's campus and, therefore, will not benefit from services provided to students on campus.  As a result, there is one fee for full-time graduate students that will be waived for students participating in the Washington Program.  This fee waiver is described below:

Health Services Fee: $347.00 waived

Once students have registered for Global Security & Development Program courses, the Program Coordinator will request that this fee be waived for each Syracuse University student participant.  Please note that as a participant in this program you will not be eligible for a waiver of the Graduate Student Activity Fee.    

Opportunities for financial assistance 

We recognize that the costs of living in Washington are higher than some other metropolitan areas and recommend that students take advantage of the multitude of outside sources of funding to help support their stay in Washington, DC.   

Maxwell's Department of Public Administration and International Affairs (PAIA) provides small Global Program Awards to help students contend with the cost of living difference between Syracuse and Washington, DC.  You must apply for a Global Programs Award by the deadline!

Korbel and GSPIA students should inquire on their home campus.

In addition, students receiving Financial Aid should be sure to account for the higher cost of living in DC when submitting requests.