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Global Security & Development Program



The internship component of this program provides graduate students a unique opportunity for practical training and professional development in a chosen field of international affairs, development and public policy. The internship encourages students to gain in-depth knowledge of an organization and its relation to certain issues and policy processes, to define and pursue your own career aspirations, and to network for the future.  It requires a minimum of 250 hours over a period of at least 12 weeks.  Most students end up working close to full-time. 

For international students, work authorization is required. 

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Fall 2017 Global Security & Development Team
Yasmeen Ali  - Wilson Center: Middle East Studies and National War College
Oleksiy Anokhin - IFC
Patrick Brennan - International Trade Administration
Jane Buchholz - Lutheran Social Services
Andrew Bush - SecureInsights
Trace Carlson - Fund for Peace
Hermela Dereje - National Resource Defense Council: Center for Policy Advocacy
Stephen Dobosh - US State Department: Diplomatic Security
Cameron Douglas - Atlantic Council: Foresight Strategy and Risks Initiative 
Margot Heraud - Center for Civilians in Conflict
Gretchen Johnson - Wilson Center: Environmental Change and Security Program
Andrew Karl - Eastern Congo Initiative
Briannie Kraft -   Cybersecurity
Mia Mazer - InterAction
Jason Pandich -  European Delegation to the United States
Shannon Robinson - Global Ties US
Eduardo Rodriguez -  Inter-American Development Bank
Jacob Scheidt -  House Committee on Veterans Affairs
Patrick Swett - Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Carol Tojeiro - Economic Commission for Latin America and Caribbean
Katherine Vockery - Wilson Center: Cybersecurity
Jennifer Walsh - CAWRI
Blair Wegescheide-  Atlantic Council
Maria Winters DiMarco - WeConnect

Fall 2016 Global Security & Development Team

Anam Ahmed - Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars: Environmental Change and Security
Reno Bamford -State: Bureau of African Affairs - Security Affairs
Sarah Baumunk - State: Western Hemisphere Affairs
Morgaine Belanger - Save the Children: Humanitarian Response
Stefan Berklacich - Atlantic Council: Eurasia Program
Martha Biede - Voice of America
Walter Campbell - CSIS: Project on Prosperity and Development or Project on US Leadership Development
Lee Cotton - U.S. Department of State: Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement
Christopher Damon-Cronmiller - State: Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor
Alec Dushack - Partnership for Public Service
Charles Emmett - Project 2049 Institute
Youssef El Ayachi - Institute of International Finance
Nathaniel Fritz - National Defense University: College of International Security Affairs
John Gall - Center for International Policy: National Security
Hantian Geng - Shenzhen Media Group and Stimson Center
Elion Gerguri - Convergence Center For Policy Resolution
Phuong Ha - CSIS: Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative
Joseph Hackett - GAO 
Robert (Ryan) Hampton - Hudson Institute
Joan Hodge - U.S. National Central Bureau of Interpol
Emily Hoerner - Social Impact: Strategy, Performance and Capacity Building
Siyuan Huang - One Common Unity
Alex Iverson - National Defense University
Kaneka Ky - WEConnect International: Social Corporate Responsibility, Research and Engagement
Vahid Khatami - Institute for International Finance and Microfinance Opportunities
Matthew Kienzle - GAO
Suhyeon Lee
Donghe Li
Brent Lockhart - State: Diplomatic Security
Christine Loftus - Enclude
Nathan Lohr - Department of Defense
Zachary Lubelfeld - Treasury: Office of Foreign Assets Control - Crime, Narcotics, Western Hemisphere
Eni Maho - State: Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs - Office of Policy and Global Issues
Daniel Matthews - US International Trade Commission
James McCully - Sanford Heisler
Shannon McDermott - Population Services International 
Viola Meeyerweissflog - Atlantic Council: Cyber Statecraft Initiative
Ana Monzon - Health and Human Services: Office of the Director Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
Christian Pugh - Muflehun
Isidoro Ramirez - DoD: Joint Staff
Sonia Rangel - State: Democracy, Labor and Human Rights
Cassandra Schneider - Creative Associates: CVE Specialist
Corena Sharp - State: Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor - Office of International Labor
Katsiaryna Shmatsina - American Bar Association: Rule of Law Initiative
Mark Temnycky - DoD: NATO Policy Directorate
Bolary Uk - Save the Children: Global Development and Advocacy 
Rong Wang - US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce
Meredith Watkins - United Nations Foundation: Climate and Energy
Lily Welborn - U.S. Department of State: Brazilian and Southern Cone Affairs
Zachary Wingate - Freedom House, Pherson Associates
Keith Wingeard - US Peace Corps: Overseas Staff Training
Jia Yang - BBG: Voice of America and Wilson Center
Sangeun Yeo - National Endowment for Democracy: World Movement for Democracy
Ivan Zhivkov - State: European Affairs
Shuyuan Zhou - US Green Building Council

Fall 2015 Global Security & Development Team
Gregory Babbitt - Vanguard Threat Analytics
Merruth Barriault - Department of Homeland Security
Chelsea Bartholomew -Department of State
Alfonso Buzzo - Organization for American States
Christopher Conrad - International Justice Mission, Contingency Operations
Rachel Coolican - Department of Defense: OSD Europe/Nato
Samuel Davis -Department of State: Maritime Asia
Julianne Dunn - Institute of International Finance
Brian Gabriel - Management Systems International, Inc.
Elizabeth Gawne -Department of State: Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation
Nicole Gerke Ascarrunz -Save the Children: Global Policy and Advocacy
Amanda Gomes - Department of Homeland Security: Strategy Plan Analysis and Risk
Justin Gradek - Treasury: International Affairs/Office of African Nations
Julia Hanby - UNHCR Caribbean Protection
Lauren Hershey - State Department: Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations
Danielle Jablanski - Brookings Institution
Hyun-Jong Kim - Embassy Of The Republic of Korea
Yi Joo Kim -NED: World Movement for Democracy
Cody Lauer -Department of State: Arms Control Verification 
Ngoc-Hong Le - American Security Project
Xuejiao Liu  - Wilson Center
Yiyi Luo - Wilson Center: Kissinger Institute
Edward Lynch - CIP: Security Assistance Monitoring
Naomi McMillen - Brookings Institution
Henry Mead - McBee Strategic Consulting
Benjamin Merrill - Office of Senator Ron Wyden
Farah  Montinard - Department of Treasury: Office of Foreign Assets
Aqlima Moradi - CSIS: Proseperity and Development
Rose Morrissy - Stimson Center
Anthony Navarrete - IREX, Center for Collaborative Technology
Jennifer-Lee Nieves Alvarez - Department of State: Bureau of European Eurasian Affairs
Kyle Ojima - Department of State: Office of Multilateral Affairs/Asia
David Poortinga - Heritage Foundation: Missile Defense Policy
Brittany Renner - Wildlife Conservation Society
Levi Roethler - Department of Treasury: Office of International Affairs
Taylor Schlacter - Department of Defense: Office of Secretary
Scott Small - BSI Supply Chain Solutions
Katherine Terrell - UNDP
Lin Tien - UNHCR: Communication and Media
Westley Tsou - CSIS Political Economics Chair
Jenifer Wolin - DIA Congressional Affiars
Hao Xue -World Bank and Brookings
Joshua Youle -Department of State: Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues

Fall 2014 Global Security & Development Team
Aldo Aguirre – Department of State
Diana Antonian-Israelian – Department of State: The Office of Euro-Atlantic Security Affairs, Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance
Matthew Briand – Department of State: Biological Policy Staff
Kathryn Bryant – United Nations Environment Program, Regional Office for North America
Sarah Davis – Free the Slaves
Mupeng Du – Bridging Nations
Anne Dunlop – Department of State: Human Trafficking
Madeleine Faubert – Atlantic Council of the United States
Joshua Frey – Department of State
Erica Garcia – AEI: Al Queda Critical Threats
Zengdi Gu – White Ribbon Alliance
Lauren Jekowsky - Department of State: INO
Joanna Kitts – US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants
Alexa Loustalet – Society for International Development
Megan Mercer – Department of Energy: Energy Information Agency
Daniel Moore - Department of State
Cynthia Morales – Organization of American States
Stephanie Nelson - Department of State: Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs Office Of Australia
Sean Nichols – Department of Defense: Office of the Secretary of Defense, European and NATO Policy
Kelly O’Rourke - Department of State: Global Health Diplomacy
Brittany Pimentel – Save the Children

Alexandra Siclait - Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture and Meridian International Center

Jesse Smith - Department of State: Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs Office of Policy Planning and Coordination
Solomon Steinke – Beyond Borders
Jani Vjuica: Pherson Associates
Liang Zhang: Bridging Nations Foundation

Fall 2013 Global Security & Development Program Team:
Benjamin Albert - DOS: International Organizations
Julio Amador - East-West Center in Washington
Seth Binder - Project on Middle East Democracy
Jeung Hwa Choe - The White House Internship Program - White House Personnel Office
Geoffrey Daniels - Institute for the Study of War - Hezbollah Portfolio
Amber Demery - Department of State - Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Office of the Coordinator of the Foreign Policy Advisor Program
Justin Dunnicliff - U.S. Department of Defense - Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy - Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction
Gordon Elliott - GAO: Acquisition and Sourcing Management
Glnar Eskandar - Sierra Club - Communications Department
Julian Florez Isaza - United Nations Information Center, Washington D.C.
Rama Halaseh - National Endowment for Democracy
Miebi Ifie - Global Business School Network
David Ifkovits - World Bank - Gender Innovation Lab
Khaled Kadah - University Research Co
Minji Kim - Inter-American Investment Corporation (sub agency of IDB)
Amrou Kotb - Middle East Institute
Veronique Lee – Department of State: Energy Bureau or MSI
Sichu Mali - Social Impact: Communications Department
Octavian Manea - Center for European Policy Analysis
Darejani Markozashvili - Atlantic Council
Kristen Masi - Microfinance Opportunities
Mica Meintel-Wade - International Center for Research on Women
Mark Nicholas - Atlantic Council
Mathew Rommel - Quadel Consulting
Jennifer Rosete-Busby - Publish What You Pay
Nitika Sethi - Millennium Challenge Corporation
Dennis (Buddy) Stora - USAID: Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance
Alexi Wiemer - Mercury - Public Affairs and Lobbying
Xinchen Yuan - German Marshall Fund: Energy and Society

Fall 2012 Global Security & Development Program Team:  
Natalie Alm - Department of State: Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs
Felipe Awad - White House
Matthew Berit - National Defense University: College of International Security Affairs
Jemakai Blyden - U.S. Department of Commerce
Anna-Claire Bowers - National Defense University: Near East South Asia Center
Anna-Claire Bowers - Aspen Institute Middle East Program
Lisa-Marie Brandt - American Refugee Committee International
Lisa-Marie Brandt - InterAction
Benjamin Elconin - U.S. Department of Treasury: South/Southeast Asia
Enrique Galvez - U.S. Department of State
Robert Hoffman - European Parliment Liasion Office
Aman Jain - America Speaks
Jillian Johnson - U.S. Department of State: Population, Refugees and Migration
Yoon Lee - Search for Common Ground: Insitutional Learning
Stacy Lemery - U.S. Department of State: Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs- Office of Policy Planning and Coordination
James MacAulay - U.S. Department of State: Bureau Diplomatic Security
Michelle Malecki - Social Impact International
Jack Mayernik - U.S. Department of Energy: Commerical Building Initiative
Aaron Menenberg - Hudson Institute
Rachel Murawski - Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation
Justin Painter - Center for Strategic & Internatinal Studies: Wadwani Chair
Leethaa Phonharath - U.S. Department of Education
Ege Sacikara - Middle East Institute: Center for Turkish Studies
Ishrat Saleem -Hill+Knowlton
Weimeng Tian - United Nations Development Program
Roza Vasileva - World Bank: Open Development Technology Alliance

Fall 2011 Global Security & Development Program Team:
Jose Campoy -  Department of State -Western Hemisphere Affairs - Brazil/Southern Cone
Jose Castedo - ACCION
Sherry Cheah -  United Nations Development Program: Bureau of Partnerships
Daniel Cornish - Department of Commerce: International Trade Administration
Charles DeLuca -  Treasury:  Internationall Affairs - Multilateral Development Bank
Tim Edwards - The Whitaker Group
Stephanie El Rayess - The Atlantic Council: Hariri Center
Kazumi Funahashi - Asia Policy Point
John Gay -  Center for National Interest
Phillip Gaynor - Department of State
Allyson Goldsmith -  Global Campaign for Education, RESULTS
Christian Gonzales - World Bank:  Information Architecture
Christopher Grant - Treasury:  Office of International Affairs - Near East Affairs
Akshay Gupta - Department of Homeland Security
Takanori Hayashi - The Woodrow Wilson Center
Haifa Jedea - The Stimson Center
Joseph Jones - Hill & Knowlton
Katharyn Lindemann -  Department of State: Office of Global Women's Issues
Elena Lipilina -  World Wildlife Fund
Yu Liu -  Relief International
Hui Hui Ooi - The Atlantic Council
Sonal Patel - World Wildlife Fund: Climate Change
Tien Pham - Samuels International Associates
John Power -  Department of Homeland Security: Emergency Response Service
Robert Rasmussen - National Defense University
Nicholas Rogacki -  National Defense University: College of Inernational Security Affairs
Nana Sangbender - United Nations Foundation
Hilary Shackelford - Nathan Associates
Daniel Stillman -  War College - Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute (Carlisle, PA)
Rumyana Taneva - Vital Voices
Kate Vasharakorn -  Sister Cities International
Siwei Wang - Hill & Knowlton
Qiaoyi Zhuang - American Enterprise Institute

Fall 2010 Global Security & Development Program Team:
Levi Kovacs - Institute for National Strategic Studies at the National Defense University
Marwa Fatafta - Middle East Institute
Shana R Pughe - U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Population Refugees and Migration
Koh Nakamura - Center for Strategic and International Studies, Japan Chair
Melanie Yip Su-Yin - Asia Society Washington
Ploysong Chaichoochote - Royal Thai Embassy in Washington DC
Jaclaine Mercado - United Nations Envonrment Programme, Regional Office for North America
Abbey Vannoy - Center for Food Safety
Chiara Cruciano - Hill & Knowlton
Clinton Misamore - GlobalGiving
Jorge Alberto Huntley Valenzuela - Center for Justice and International Law
Vanessa Colon - U.S. Congress
Charles Fathers - ACCION
Minja Shin - Thirdway Human Rights and Development
Elena Babkova - Center for Strategic and International Studies
Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi - The Century Foundation
Ortun Merkle - Transparency International USA
Kirsten King - Chemonics International (Latin American/Carribean Region)
Emily Rose - U.S. Department of State - Bureau for Populations Refugees and Migration
Elizabeth Doerner - Amnesty International USA
Xi Wang - Global Environment Facility Secretariat - Team of Climate and Chemicals
Ben Orndorff - The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
Michael Zanchelli - Search for Common Ground, Institutional Learning Team
Bailey Culp - Center for a New American Security
Robert Thead - United Nations Foundation: Global Partnerships
Sokkhoeurn An - Center for Strategic and International Studies

Fall 2009 Global Security & Development Program Team:
Thiru Paranthaman - Nixon Center, Regional Strategic Program
Khalid Mohiq - American Enterprise Institute, Foriegn and Defense Studies Department
Marko Markov - Import Adminitration, International Trade Administration (Commerce Department)
Jessica Ernst - Millenium Challenge Corporation, Department of Policy and International Relations
Ross Rustici - Atlantic Council - Energy and Environment
Sevgi Saran - Amnesty International USA, Government Relations Research and Policy
Emily Mallozzi - Office of Congressman Paul D. Tonko
Mathew Clayton - International Organization for Migration/MRF Washington
Bailey Ann Cahall - Center for Technology and National Security Policy, NDU
Lindsey Geddes - National Defense University; Technology and National Security Policy, NDU
America Pintabutr - World Wildlife Fund - Government Relations
Lamis Sleiman - Search for Common Ground: Middle Eastern Department Track II Mediation Program
Mathew Duncan - Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
Nicholas Patriciu - Institute of World Affairs
Bijie Li - World Wildlife Fund
Jasmine White - Hill and Knowlton
Kate Daley - DOS, Office of International Religious Freedom