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Washington Public Diplomacy Program


While in Washington, you will take, Issues in Public Diplomacy and Public Diplomacy Research Consultancy. The Issues course will meet each Thursday from 6:00-8:45 p.m.  The Research Consultancy course will meet every other Tuesday at the same time.  You will also participate in a three-credit DC Public Diplomacy Internship

Issues in Public Diplomacy
PAI 708 Section M001 

2020 Issues in Public Diplomacy Syllabus

This is a course about the public dimension of major contemporary challenges, and the role of  communication, media and culture in public policy. The course will examine institutional and professional communication issues, while helping participants gain needed skills and launch their careers.  The course will mix brief introductory remarks with discussion, class exercises and student presentations. Officials and NGO experts with special expertise will participate from time to time.  We will make a special effort to explore your career opportunities.

Professor Michael Schneider instructs this course.  

Public Diplomacy Research Consultancy
PAI 709 Section M001 

2017 Public Diplomacy Research Consultancy Syllabus 

The Research Consultancy (Re/Con) seeks to advance professional experience of participating Maxwell-Newhouse graduate public diplomacy students in their specialized fields. The experience will add significant research and consulting skills in a problem-solving exercise. Each student or team will address the substantive policy issues and institutional concerns of a sponsoring organization. A major report with findings and analysis, and recommendations will result. 

Professor Michael Schneider instructs this course. 

DC Public Diplomacy Internship
PRL 735 Section M001

Students can earn up to three credits working (usually unpaid) as an intern for an agency or organization that focuses on public diplomacy/strategic communications. 

Professors Dennis Kinsey and Michael Schneider instruct this course.