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Washington Summer Practicum


While in Washington pursuing your internship, you have the opportunity to enroll in one of two evening seminars that meet on Monday and Thursday evenings evenings from 6:00pm to 8:40pm.  The featured courses for Summer 2020 are outlined below, along with the internship course.

Who Will Rule the 21st Century?

PAI 700 Section M001

Who Will Rule 2019 Syllabus

This seminar examines the economic success, military strength and rise and fall of great powers within the international system to help students assess the emerging power structures of the 21st century and determine how they think the United States as well as other countries can best adapt to—or alter—the tectonic shifts that are already evident and only likely to intensify.

Professor Michael O'Hanlon instructs this course.

Sustainable Development, Security and the Frontier of Finance

PAI 700 Section TBA

Frontier of Finance 2019 Syllabus

This new course will focus on how the global financial revolution underway, the Fintech revolution, can help lead to sustained, inclusive and strong growth and enhance security, as elaborated in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The course will explore cutting edge themes at the intersection of finance, technology, policy, development and security, as well as cross-border dimensions. It will not be narrowly focused on technology, and is appropriate for students pursuing development, economic and security fields.

Professor Bejoy Das Gupta  instructs this course.

Washington Practicum
PAI 700 Section M005 

Students can earn up to three credits working as an intern for an agency or organization that focuses on public and international affairs.

The Global Internship requires consent of the Public Administration and International Affairs Department.

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Professor Ryan Williams instructs this course and serves as sponsor for your internship.