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Washington Summer Practicum


This summer we will offer two online evening seminars that meet Monday and Thursday evenings evenings from 6:00pm to 8:40pm. If the public health situation improves, courses will be offered in hybrid format. The featured courses for Summer 2021 are outlined below, along with the internship course.

Propaganda and Disinformation | PAI 700 | TBA 

Description coming soon!

21st Century Strategy | PAI 700 | Sean McFate

The art of war and grand strategy is often invoked yet rarely understood, resulting in catastrophe. Too often policy makers, members of congress, academics, think tankers, journalists, pundits and even flag officers discuss strategy but remain ignorant of the concept. Consequently, strategy is frequently confused with tactics, bureaucracy, academic theory and other things — all to ruinous effect — as evidenced in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. You will learn universal strategies for the strong, the weak and most things in between. We will examine the ideas of Sun Tzu, Kautilya, Jomini, Clausewitz, Mao, T.E. Lawrence, Galula and other scholar-practitioners. Case studies include the Peloponnesian War, American Revolution, 2006 Lebanon War and African warlords. The course will teach you how to think strategically and builds on what senior U.S. military officers learn at war colleges, taught by a professor at such an institution. However, we will probe much deeper than what is usually taught at war colleges and civilian institutions so that you are equipped to fight and win 21st century wars. 

Washington Practicum | PAI 700 | Mark Jacobson

Students can earn up to three credits working as an intern for an agency or organization that focuses on public and international affairs.