Brand Guidelines

Syracuse University’s brand guidelines were updated in the Fall of 2019. This document outlines the University’s brand positioning as well as everything you need to know about our visual identity (logo rules, color, typography, photography, video, iconography and illustration, etc.)

>> Download the Brand Guidelines (pdf).

Brand Toolkit

(requires NetID to access)

University, school, institute, center and unit-specific lock-ups and artwork are available for download in the Brand Toolkit for internal purposes by anyone with a valid Syracuse University NetID. Any other use requires additional permissions (see Trademark Licensing below).

The Brand Toolkit also includes downloadable templates for presentations, posters, flyers, invitations, name tags and more; photo and video assets; information for borrowing roll up banners, podium signs, and table linens; and links to the print-on-demand store for stationary and other items.

*Note: If no logo is available for your Maxwell unit in the Brand Toolkit, please do not create one on your own. It is likely that your unit does not require a lock up in the new system. If after reading the Brand Guidelines you believe your center, institute or unit should have a lock up in the new system, please contact Maxwell’s Director of Communications Jessica Smith at for clarification or assistance.

Editorial Style

(requires NetID to access)

The Syracuse University Editorial Style Guide was compiled for those who write and edit Syracuse University communications, marketing collateral, content and publications, both online and print, centrally and in the schools, colleges, and academic and administrative units.

A companion to the Associated Press Stylebook, the guide includes Syracuse University-specific references and usage, exceptions to AP style and some often-used AP style entries (for more details on these entries, consult the AP Stylebook).

The Division of Marketing and Communication also subscribes to an online edition of the AP Stylebook through a limited site license that can be accessed by anyone while on the campus network (via VPN when working remotely). Up to 10 users can utilize this resource at a time. Please do not keep a tab open when you are not actively referring to the stylebook as to not take up a seat for other users.

The University values diversity, is committed to inclusion, and seeks to provide access for all people, including those with disabilities. For this reason, WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards are required for all University websites.

Trademark Licensing

The Office of Trademark Licensing has been established to manage use of University marks.