Undergraduate Programs

Undergrads outdoorsWhether majoring, minoring, or simply taking electives, undergraduates who enroll in the social sciences do so via Syracuse University's College of Arts and Sciences. This arrangement helps ensure that academic programming in these disciplines is well-integrated with the over-arching liberal arts experience for which Syracuse and the College are known.

However, though enrolled in Arts and Sciences, undergraduates in these disciplines take their courses from Maxwell School teachers, often in the same classrooms and enjoying the same resources as their graduate-degree counterparts. Bachelor’s diplomas in the social sciences are co-signed by Maxwell and Arts and Sciences. Those who major in the social science graduate with all the secondary privileges and associations accorded other Maxwell School alumni. For example, undergraduates who have “majored in Maxwell” are invited to alumni events and similar functions.

Undergraduate majors and minors are offered in the following departments. Visit their pages for more information:

In addition, these cross-departmental majors and minors are based in Maxwell departments or draw heavily upon social-science disciplines:

MAX Courses. Apart from majors and minors offered in the academic departments, Maxwell also offers the "MAX Courses”--undergraduate cross-disciplinary courses on topics such as "Global Community" and "Critical Issues for the United States." These courses are designed to examine challenging public issues while also grounding students in the intricacies of political discourse and democratic citizenship.

For more information, see the MAX Courses web pages; or contact Mary Sue McGough at msmcgoug@maxwell.syr.edu, telephone 443-3061.