Research at Maxwell

Institutes Help Bolster the Possibilities

The range of research conducted at Maxwell is broad - from forensic archaeology to theoretical econometrics - and reflects the great variety of disciplines housed within the School. Unsurprisingly, the social science disciplines are populated by professors and PhD candidates whose research is advanced and widely published. It's revealing, though, that so many in the professional programs are also accomplished researchers. Within the School's interdisciplinary culture, it's natural for professional concerns to bleed over into policy insights and explorations.

To both channel and nurture this interdisciplinary fervor, the School hosts or co-hosts ten research centers and institutes. Each is focused on a particular topical area  - domestic policy analysis, global affairs, citizenship and public affairs, environmental policy, aging studies, conflict resolution and collaborative management, public health, and national and international security, among others. Within each institute, one is apt to find faculty members and students from a variety of academic disciplines. What binds them is their shared interest in whatever realm of public affairs an institute claims.

In a typical year, faculty members publish 15-20 books and more than 200 articles, chapters, and reviews. Funding from sponsored research awards in recent years has ranged from $5 million to more than $9 million annually.

Students also benefit from external support - especially in recent years. Examples of prestigious research awards Maxwell students have recently received include Doctoral Dissertation Improvement grants and Graduate Research Fellowship Program awards from the National Science Foundation; Fulbright Hayes Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad support; fellowships from the Smith Richardson Foundation; and funding from the Association for Institutional Research and USA for Africa. In additional to individual awards, numerous students are hired to serve as research assistants for grants received by Maxwell faculty members.