Work, Labor, and Citizenship

Work, Labor and Citizenship

The Work, Labor, and Citizenship nurtures interdisciplinary study of the many fundamental trends now at play in the broad field of labor studies. Over the past four decades, the world has experienced a precipitous increase in income inequality, fueled in part by the global restructuring of labor markets and the collapse of organized labor. At the same time, rights and entitlements traditionally associated with employment have been undermined by a shifting worker/employer power balance, with effects on job security, benefits, pensions, and wages. Across the globe, labor markets are characterized by mass unemployment, disruptive migration, and a burgeoning informal sector. These trends have direct implications for political participation and workers’ sense of of their own citizenship.

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For more info about this Tenth Decade Project (including upcoming events) please visit the Labor Studies Working Group.

Contact: Gretchen Purser
With support from the Maxwell School Dean’s Office and donors to the Tenth Decade Fund, the Work, Labor, and Citizenship Initiative will sponsors the following projects, intended to explore trends in work, labor, and citizenship:

  • Public events and monthly workshops that explore the shifting terrain of work and labor and its implications for citizenship;
  • Modest research grants to support graduate-student and faculty research on topics within the initiative’s rubric;
  • A summer institute for University faculty, to inspire new course offerings and curricular revisions incorporating labor studies.