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Xue Zhang

Xue Zhang

Contact Information:


426 Eggers Hall

Xue Zhang

Lerner Postdoctoral Scholar in Population Health, Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion and Population Health

Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Center for Policy Research


Xue Zhang is the Lerner Postdoctoral Scholar in Population Health. She is a social scientist, demographer and population health scholar who conducts research on geographical differences in demographic structure, public policy, and social determinates of health, with a special interest in rural-urban differences and health disparity.

Xue's most recent research examines governments’ policy response during COVID-19. She is interested in factors related to governments’ policy decision, and the relation between various policies and health outcomes, including physical, mental, psychological health, mortality, and COVD-19 infections and deaths. Xue's research also examines factors at the individual, community, and policy levels that contribute to a better population health.

Areas of Expertise

Population health, government policy, social determinates of health, quantitative method