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Maxwell School
Maxwell / Department of Economics

Labor Economics

Labor Economics is one of the Economics Department's main areas of research. Interests of the core faculty span many topics in the field including labor supply, workplace safety, and the evaluation of government transfer programs. Additionally, many other faculty members in the department study issues in labor markets that overlap with public economics, urban economics, and international trade.

Recent Ph.D. graduates of our program with labor economics dissertations obtained positions at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Oklahoma University, Naval Postgraduate School, New York State Department of Education, the Institute of Development Studies, and the University of Sussex.

A two course sequence in labor economics at the Ph.D. level provides students with the tools to begin labor research. This sequence is offered annually.

Core faculty in the area of labor economics include:

  • Alfonso Flores-Lagunes
  • Jeffrey Kubik
  • Hugo Jales

Other faculty with research interest in labor economics include:

  • Gary Engelhardt
  • Derek Laing
  • Mary Lovely
  • Jan Ondrich
  • Stuart Rosenthal
  • Perry Singleton