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Maxwell School
Maxwell / Department of Economics

Undergraduate Program

Major & Minor Advisors 

To become an Economics major, minor, or to discuss your plan of study, look for the initial of your last name to determine what professor will be your advisor. Click on the advisor's name to go to their webpage for office hours and more information.

Your Last Name Initial  Major Advisor Office
A - B Carmen Carrión-Flores 502 Maxwell Hall
C - D  Elizabeth Ashby 110E Eggers Hall
E - G  Michael Wasylenko 426 Eggers Hall
H - J Leyla Karakas  133 Eggers Hall
K - L Abdulaziz Shifa 117 Eggers Hall
M - N  Eugene Liu 110G Eggers Hall
O - R  Inge O'Connor 110F Eggers Hall
Derek Laing 311 Maxwell Hall
T - W Perry Singleton 426 Eggers Hall
X - Z Jerry Evensky 316B Maxwell Hall
Your Last Name Initial  Minor Advisor  Office 
A - K Merima Ali  511 Eggers Hall 
L - P Don Dutkowsky 304 Maxwell Hall
Q - Z Bhavneet Walia 511 Eggers Hall


In addition to the faculty members above, information about the economics major including news, recent highlights, and upcoming events can be obtained from the department homepage

A copy of The Guide to the Undergraduate Program in Economics can be found here which introduces you to Economics degree requirements, and offers useful suggestions for designing your program of study.

Sue Lewis, the Administrative Specialist, is also available to assist you. The department staff Karen Cimilluca and Matthew O'Keefe can provide you with printed information about the major. Sue, Karen, and Matthew are located in 110 Eggers Hall during regular working hours.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the undergraduate program, e-mail the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Michael Wasylenko at 

Revised 10/17