Shanghai Municipal Government

On September 19, 2005, the Maxwell School welcomed the first group of 23 senior government officials from Shanghai, China, for a four-week training program in Syracuse.

The objective of this program is to provide a comprehensive educational experience for Shanghai government officials in the United States. The program introduces participants to the latest developments in public administration, the reform trends, and current initiatives in government management, and the challenges of governance in the 21st century. Participants learn about leadership competencies, management and administration techniques, and acquire an in-depth understanding of major public policy issues affecting the United States, from which participants can draw lessons for Shanghai.

The program utilizes classroom lectures and discussion, case study analysis, site visits to local, state and federal government agencies to explore program materials. Social events are also scheduled to permit participants to interact with Maxwell faculty and students and create another way for participants to learn about the American political, economic and social context of American government and society.

Within the four-week program, the participants spend two and half weeks in Syracuse, four days in Albany and New York City, visiting state and big city governments and three days in Washington, D.C., to visit and meet with experts from federal government agencies and congress. The kind of agencies and institutions depend on the interests of the Shanghai government.

Past Activities and Events

April 2009 – Dr. Walter Broadnax and Dr. David Van Slyke traveled to Shanghai and delivered for the Shanghai Municipal Government a one-week program as part of its larger training initiative at the Shanghai Administration Institution.  Sixty-five senior and middle-level officials from the city and district governments participated in the program.  Dr. Broadnax and Dr. Van Slyke covered a wide range of topics such as public sector reforms, strategic management, performance management, government contracting out and various issues regarding non-governmental organizations.

September 2006 – The Maxwell School hosted a three-week program on social and community services for 19 officials from the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.

April 2006 – The Maxwell School hosted a three-week program on human resources management for 24 officials from the city and district governments.

October 2005 – The Maxwell School and the Shanghai Administration Institute co-hosted for the Shanghai Municipal Government the first training program titled “Government Capacity Building.”  Twenty-five senior and middle-level officials from the city and district governments participated in this program.