2009 International Journalists Program

This is year marks the fourth in which Maxwell and Newhouse Schools will be co-hosting international journalists as part of the State Department’s Edward R. Murrow Program for International Journalists. In the past, the University has hosted journalists from North Africa and the Middle East. This year, nine North African journalists, three each from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, along with three interpreters, will be visiting the Syracuse campus.

From October 1st to the 7th, the journalists will sit-in on various classes, lectures and panel discussions, meet with faculty from both Maxwell and Newhouse, and interact with local reporters. They will participate in job shadowing opportunities with local media outlets and cultural outings during their stay in Syracuse.

The North African journalists, representing television and print news outlets in their respective countries, come to the United States with the ambition of sharing ideas and skills, and to receive a first-hand understanding of American society, media and democratic institutions. Named after the former director of the United States Information Agency, the tenets of the Edward R. Murrow Program include journalistic responsibility, courage and ethics.

By examining journalistic practices, this program hopes to encourage and solidify the foundations of a free society and a free press. The journalists begin their time in the United States in Washington D.C., after which they come to Syracuse, followed by travel to a state capital, in the case of the North African journalists to Olympia, Washington, to observe American civil life and grassroots involvement in political affairs.