Civic Education and Leadership (CELF) Fellows completing their semester

CELF News 300The first cohort of CELF fellows from the Middle East and the Maghreb region of North Africa are now in the final month of their semester-long fellowship at the Maxwell School.  The group is compiled of four Tunisians and two Iraqis who will be spending Fall Semester in a non-degree program in Executive Education under sponsorship from the U.S. State Department’s Middle East Partnership Initiative.

As social scientists, faculty members, and a journalist, they were selected to participate in the program because of their interests and experiences related to democracy reform, the role of democracy in education, and increasing the civic engagement of students, faculty and universities in their home countries.  At Maxwell, they have participated in seminars about aspects of American democracy, educational pedagogy, and Middle East politics. 

Additionally, the six fellows have pursued building their professional networks through faculty affiliations at Maxwell and across the Syracuse University campus.  Collaborative teaching and research accomplished to date include a presentation about Terrorism in North Africa as part of PARCC’s Conversations in Conflict Studies Series; presentation of two fellows’ research in the field of linguistics at a colloquium sponsored by the Communication & Rhetorical Studies Department; and involvement in the Central New York Speaks, a joint-project of The Post Standard,, Syracuse University’s Maxwell School.

With about one month remaining in the fellowship program for this semester, the fellows are busy trying to realize their goals at Maxwell and also building permanent relationships between themselves, their home institutions, and the Maxwell School. 

Executive Education will welcome ten new CELF participants in January for Spring 2010.  The program will continue for three academic years.