Congratulations to our newly graduated Executive MPA and Certificate Students!

news-grad1Around twenty EMPA and Certificate graduates took part in the Maxwell Convocation on May 10, 2008. The event took place in the Grant Auditorium of the Law College and began at 2pm. Catherine Gerard, our Associate Director was the Convocation speaker. A number of colleagues joined the festive event to cheer on their friends. 

Another dozen or so students joined their Syracuse University colleagues on May 11, 2008 for the all-campus Syracuse University Commencement. Please view some of their pictures at and click on

In particular, please note these pictures: DPB_008 (on the left) shows our graduates proudly marching into the Dome – pictured are Mohammad Musa and Hekmatullah Foushanji from Afghanistan, Myriam Cordova from Peru, Ashish Kumar Singh from India and Ms. Claudia Delgado from Peru; ISU_0706 highlights Sandeep Silas from India in the foreground. ISU_0839 – Ana Menezes from Mozambique received her ESF PhD on May 11, completed her MA in Public Administration in 2006 and is pictured with Chancellor Cantor.