Humphrey Fellow participates in Professional Affiliation with ICMA International

MutribaMutriba Latypova, a Maxwell Humphrey Fellow from Tajikistan, is currently completing her professional affiliation with ICMA, working on youth employment issues.  This combines her knowledge of and experience in youth employment and local economic development with ICMA’s focus on local governance, professional management and evaluation. 

Previous to her becoming a Humphrey Fellow, Mutriba worked on multiple USAID-funded projects in her native Tajikistan.   She is excited at the opportunities stating, “I happen to study at one of the best schools for public administration, the Maxwell School, and now I am undertaking my professional affiliation at one of the top U.S. local government organizations.  This is a very important experience for me… I have already learned so much and met so many people.”  Professional affiliations are a defining experience for Humphrey Fellows, allowing them to integrate the numerous elements of their study year as Fellows.