Humphrey Fellows Celebrate Program’s Conclusion Humphrey 2012 Conclusion 

The Humphrey Fellows gathered together to celebrate their accomplishments of the past nine months as most prepare to leave Syracuse to begin their professional affiliations across the country.

They were joined by family, friends, American host families, faculty and staff in addition to the Institute of International Education’s (IIE) Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Director, Judy Gibson.  Photos, memories and recollections of a productive, rewarding and transformative year abounded.

Besides the individual recognition of the Fellows, the evening featured talks by Executive Education Director and seminar faculty member Steve Lux, who reflected upon the Athenian Oath, which is a hallmark of the Maxwell experience in its reminder to leave the world a better place that they found it. 

The Fellows selected Humayun Tarar of Pakistan to represent the group that evening.  He echoed many Fellows’ sentiments of how the experience gave him the gift of time to reflect, gain new perspective and to consider the tools he’s attained in order to transform his leadership capabilities. 

Humphrey coordinating staff was honored by the Fellows, who presented Margaret with a clock and portrait of the Hindu Goddess of Knowledge "Saraswati."  The painting style is known as "Mithila Painting" and is practiced in the flatlands of Nepal.

 Judy Gibson offered her perspective as director of the entire Humphrey Fellowship program, which includes approximately 200 Fellows from over 90 countries at 18 member universities.  Syracuse University Humphrey Coordinator Margaret Lane honored the host families who are an integral part of the Fellowship program in fostering global friendships and connections.
All 200+ Fellows from the 18 university campuses will gather one last time in the beginning of May before completing their program and returning to their home countries.  Executive Education will host its fourth cohort of Humphrey Fellows beginning in late July.