Humphrey Fellows Travel to Adirondacks

Humphrey TripThe Maxwell Humphrey Fellows recently returned from an informative and fun weekend in the Adirondacks.  As part of their cultural experience, the Fellows met their Cornell counterparts amidst the mountains inside the blue line. Fellows got to catch up with each other as some attended the English Language Institute together this past summer.

In preparation for the trip, the Maxwell Fellows learned about the unique history of the Adirondacks from Stephen Webb, Professor Emeritus in the History Department.  Once in the Adirondacks the Fellows toured Minnowbrook, visited the Adirondack Museum and spent Saturday afternoon listening to a presentation by Commissioner Richard Booth of the Adirondack Park Agency.  The Commissioner, who is also a Cornell professor, highlighted the inherent tensions between the public and private lands that comprise the 6-million acre park.  In between, Fellows from both universities hiked, biked, canoed and kayaked.  For the less adventurous, there was a ski lift up McCauley Mountain to view the fall leaves.