Iraq is the topic of the semester’s first Peer to Peer 

 Hazim Peer to peerHumphrey Fellow Hazim Hamed was the featured speaker for Executive Education’s first “Peer to Peer” forum of the semester.  Over 60 people attended his talk, which focused on the current state of Iraq after the U.S. withdrawal in December 2011.  He posed the query, “is Iraq better or worse off after the U.S. withdrawal?”   Hazim most recently was an advisor to the Iraqi president and has served as Chief of Staff for the Office of the Iraqi Vice President from 2008-2011 in addition to holding positions in the Ministry of Planning (COS) and as a Professional Political Officer (UNAMI).  His talk offered a brief history of conflicts in his country, focusing on events since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003.  According to Hazim, there have been great political divisions since the withdrawal of U.S. troops.  He feels the future of Iraq is hanging by a thread, but still has hope- this despite fears from the Turkish Prime Minister that escalation of these ongoing political tensions could cause a civil war which would have regional implications. 
Hazim was also a guest on Professor Grant Reeher’s public radio program, “Campbell Conversations” on the NPR-affiliate, WRVO where he offered additional perspectives on the state of Iraq.
The next Peer to Peer will be February 8 at 11:30 and will feature EMPA candidate Abdul Jabbar and is titled, “Terrorism and Counterterroism:  A Pakistani Perspective.”  Abdul is a career police officer with twelve years’ command-level experience in the areas of Punjab and KPK provinces of Pakistan.  The event will take place in 204 Maxwell.

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