Participants complete the Maxwell portion of the Post Graduate Programme in Public Policy and Management

A group of 18 civil servants from India recently took part in a seven-week intensive programme on “Issues in Public Policy: an international perspective” for the Post-Graduate Programme in Public Management (PGPPM).

They learnt how public policy issues are addressed in the U.S. and worked with Maxwell faculty to develop an in-depth policy study paper of their choice. The Indian Government has been supporting this joint initiative of Maxwell and the Indian Institute of Management – Bangalore since 2002.

Prakash Chandra Maithani, who is with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, said “The tie-up with Maxwell and IIMB is critical as India is no longer a backward country. It is moving ahead at an unprecedented pace and professional training is a critical part of this upgradation of the civil services. This is a big add-on for us here in terms of learning new approaches to public administration.”

We wish them safe travels and the best of luck as they complete their degree in Bangalore.


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