Trans-national Crime and the Role of INTERPOL

Interpol PresentationThe latest Executive Exchange, sponsored by Executive Education, featured Michael Olmsted, INTERPOL Special Representative (a.i.) to the United Nations.  He discussed the challenges posed by increased international travel, banking and the internet.  Mr. Olmsted also focused on the role of INTERPOL both in what it does, and does not do.  He explained a core function of the agency is to serve as a conduit of communication for the police organizations in its 187 member countries.  Time was also spent discussing the various alert levels of the agency, such as its recent red alert for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Students and University community members from Maxwell (including EMPA, PA, IR and Moynihan Institute), SUNY-ESF, the Law School and the iSchool were among the attendees. Earlier in the day, Mr. Olmsted spoke with the Humphrey Fellows about the multiple challenges of corruption.