Akuete Giana Mathey-Apossan

EMPA - Togo


Admission Date: Fall 2017
Completion Date: Spring 2018


Mr. Akuete Giana Mathey-Apossan was most recently a 2016 Syracuse Humphrey Fellow and returns to Maxwell to pursue an EMPA.  He previously was Network & System Manager at BB Lome S.A, the biggest brewery in Togo. He’s been an IT engineer for three public administration departments: tax services, statistics' direction, and airport safety's agency. Giana wishes to apply his IT skills in the public sector, improving the population’s life conditions with a goal to develop practical knowledge and skills in technology policy & management and public administration. He earned his IT Engineering degree and a Bachelor’s in Financial & Commercial Management from Groupe BK University and holds main certifications from Microsoft & Cisco.