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Nimrod Goren

Humphrey Fellow - Israel

Nimrod Goren

Admission Date: Fall 2009
Completion Date: Fall 2010


Mr. Goren joins us from Israel.  He has worked as the founding director of the Young Israeli Forum for Cooperation (YIFC), a policy-oriented NGO within Israel which enables students and young professionals to take a positive, strong role in shaping Israel’s relations with its Middle-Eastern and European neighbors.  He will focus on how civil society can promote conflict resolution and influence foreign-policy making, non-profit management, public policy and leadership.  Mr. Goren will return to Israel to promote the establishment of an institute for regional policies, which will work towards the resolution of the Israeli-Arab conflict within a broader regional context. He holds an MA in Contemporary Middle Eastern Studies and has recently submitted his Ph.D. in Middle Eastern Studies and Political Psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.