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Kenyatta Mwawashe

Humphrey Fellow - Kenya

Kenyatta Mwawashe

Admission Date: Fall 2011
Completion Date: Fall 2012


Mr. Kenyatta Mwawashe’s area of focus is in public administration, public policy analysis and governance. He is a leading prodemocracy activist with over 15 years of experience in the coordination of multiple bilateral advocacy programs on public policy, legislative and constitutional reforms, human rights and aid effectiveness at the community, national and global levels. He is a Co-founder of Ceperd Kenya and a Board Member of Levite Foundation, civil rights organizations working for excluded women and young people in Kenya. Kenyatta is the 2009 recipient of The International Peace Federation Award in Kenya for his work advocating for good governance in his country. Until recently he has been the Senior Policy and Governance Advisor at Plan International Kenya.