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Lara Saade

Humphrey Fellow - Lebanon

Lara Saade

Admission Date: August 2014
Completion Date: May 2015


Ms. Lara Saade joins the Syracuse Humphrey Program from Lebanon. In her home country, Ms. Saade was the Government Affairs Advisor for the Ministry of Economy and Trade, and a Parliamentary Legal Advisor at the Lebanese Parliament. She was responsible for drafting and reviewing laws, as well as providing recommendations on public policy issues.  She was awarded the title of Community Ambassador & Social Visionary for the year 2013 by the US- Middle East Partnership Initiative for her distinguished achievements in Legislative Reform and Women’s Rights Advocacy. During her time at the Maxwell School, Ms. Saade hopes to nurture her knowledge in international security policy and conflict management. She has a Master of Law and a Certificate in Political Mediation from Saint Joseph University in Lebanon, and a Master in Diplomacy and Strategic Negotiations from Paris-Sud XI University, France.