Akuete Giana Mathey-Apossan

Humphrey Fellow - Togo

Akute Giana Mathey-Apossan

Admission Date: Fall 2016
Completion Date: Fall 2017


Akuete Giana Mathey-Apossan was most recently Network & System Manager at BB Lome S.A, the biggest brewery in his country, for four years. He spent more than seven years as an IT engineer in three main public administration departments: tax services (DGI), statistics' direction (DGSCN), and airport safety's agency (ASAIGE). Giana wishes to apply his IT skills in the public sector, improving the population’s life conditions (education, drinking water and health). His goal is to develop practical knowledge and skills in technology policy & management and public administration. Giana earned his IT Engineering degree and a Bachelor’s in Financial & Commercial Management from Groupe BK University and holds main certifications from Microsoft & Cisco. He holds also COBIT 5 & FCSNA qualifying him for IT management & governance.