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Yuliya Aliyeva

Humphrey Fellow - Azerbaijan

Yuliya Aliyeva

Admission Date: Fall 2016
Completion Date: Fall 2017


Yuliya Aliyeva was most recently a consultant to international organizations including the World Bank, OECD, United Nations, and the European Commission, among others.  In 2013-2014 she was Country Director for the Caucasus Research Resource Center-Azerbaijan after having served as Senior Program Manager at the same organization.  Yuliya is interested in policy analysis, evaluation, social policy and research, strategic management, nonprofit fundraising, and human resource management. She has been engaged in research projects exploring gender issues in Azerbaijan since 2003.  Yuliya earned an MA with distinction in Gender Studies from the Central European University, Budapest; and a B.A. in International Relations from the Academy of Public Administration.  She currently is researching the impact of migration on rural areas of Azerbaijan as a Ph.D. candidate in Ethnography and Social Anthropology from the Academy of National Sciences in Baku.