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Sutharsan Sambasivam

Humphrey Fellow - Sri Lanka

Sutharsan Sambasivam

Admission Date: Fall 2017
Completion Date: Spring 2018


Sutharsan Sambasivam is an officer in the Sri Lanka Administrative Service and was most recently the Assistant District Secretary of Jaffna in Sri Lanka. He has also served as the Deputy Project Director of the Strategic Cities Development Project, Emergency Northern Recovery Project, Re Awakening Project and the Assistant Commissioner of Labour in the Department of Labour. Sutharsan wishes to undertake a comparative study of democratic governance, reforms, decentralization, post conflict reconstruction and implementation of the inclusive approach for development through collaboration. He earned his Master of Public Administration from the University of Colombo, M.Sc in Organizational Management from the University of Peradeniya, and B.Sc in Agriculture from the University of Jaffna.