Rakesh Arya

Humphrey Fellow - India


Admission Date: Fall 2018
Completion Date: Spring 2019


Rakesh Arya has been an officer of the Indian Police Service for 15 years and currently the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Administration and Training for the Haryana Police. As District Head of Police, he worked on the issues of crimes against women (CAW) and women’s empowerment. Rakesh wants to expand his knowledge to continue working on women’s empowerment; developing a model for women’s safety in India; violence against women; female feticide; discriminatory work environment; and trafficking in girls. He’ll also focus on cybersecurity and social media management/policy. Rakesh is completing a law degree from Maharishi Dayanand University and holds a Masters in Philosophy from Jawahar Lal University, a Master of Arts (Economics) from Kurukshetra University, and a Bachelor’s Degree from Dronacharya Government College.