Announcement of the 2020 National Security Management Course

April 19 - May 1, 2020

The dates of the next two-week National Security Studies Program will be April 19-May 1, 2020, here on the campus of Syracuse University at the Maxwell School. 

The curriculum of this executive education program will include everything from issues involving foreign policy, intelligence, terrorism/counterterrorism, management, leadership, homeland security, global economics, and trouble spots around the world to an array of current challenges facing the nation. This course will specifically focus on a wide spectrum of leader development competencies.

Our spring 2019 two-week course had 45 distinguished guest speakers. The course included lectures, discussions, simulations and case studies. The agenda was tailored to meet the emerging issues and ever-changing demands of national security. We are committed to providing senior executives with similar strategic insights necessary to help them successfully navigate these challenging times each year.

The cost of the program is $10,000 for each attendee. This covers room, board, tuition, group transportation and materials upon arrival. Payment for the course is due before the first day of class. Transportation to and from Syracuse is at the expense of each participant. We have 55 seats available and there is no limit as to the number each agency or organization can send. Personnel at the ranks of 06/GS15, as well as Flag and General Officers, SESs, or those of a non-defense equivalent status, are welcome.

National Security Management 2020 Registration