National Security Management Course

Col Bill Smullen lecturing during NSMC

2020 National Security Management Course

Designed for mid-level officials in both the public and private sectors, the National Security Management Course (NSMC) is a two-week resident course of instruction exploring a range of management challenges in the field of national security.

Effective managers dealing with a myriad of national-security matters must be familiar with the process and implementation considerations that can often determine the success or failure of public policy initiatives. Devising coherent strategies to carry out the policy is equally as important as a thorough understanding of the policy objectives.

Management in this area involves the central and inter-related responsibilities of allocating scarce resources and dealing with complex institutional relationships, both internal and external to an organization. These responsibilities have profound implications in determining national-security strategy and are the primary focus in the NSMC.

Lectures, case studies, simulations, and group discussions are all designed to create a thorough understanding of prevalent topics of concern in the art and science of national security, covering both the "traditional" concerns as well as the newest issues that are increasingly important, such as terrorism and counterterrorism, globalization, global business, public policy, and crisis management.

All classroom discussions will abide by a non-attribution policy.

Participants will examine these elements viewed in the strategic context of national security, global economics, interagency coordination, collective defense arrangements, and the public and private sector perspective.


Participants in the class who satisfactorily complete the course will receive a certificate in national security management.