National Security Case Studies


case studiesCase studies, exercises, and simulations are designed by NSS to aid the preparation of policy-makers and students to examine pertinent management, leadership, and accountability issues related to U.S. national security.

Traditional NSS case studies highlight dilemmas at two levels: (1) pertaining specifically to the case (case dilemma) and (2) pertaining to the larger policy implications of the case (policy dilemma).Cases do not provide specific policy recommendations or definite answers for how to resolve these dilemmas. NSS case study exercises and simulations require students to participate actively in resolving the policy dilemma(s).Students survey the inter-agency process, obtain a realistic feel for the interpersonal and group dynamics that characterize policy decision-making, and have an opportunity to assess and enhance their own personal effectiveness in such a process.

Follow the link below for a listing and brief description of currently available NSS Case Studies. Feel free to contact us should you require any further information. When getting in touch with us make sure that you refer to the appropriate case study number.