Online Programs

The global collabratoryExecutive Education delivers online programs for public sector clients to address the challenges organizations face developing, implementing and evaluating international programs. The courses are designed to assist staff within these organizations to develop the basic knowledge and skills to operate effectively in working environments we realize are increasingly complex and demanding in terms of producing results. Executive Education delivers these programs by means of the School's state-of-the-art facility, the Global Collaboratory, or a unique learning management system called Blackboard!

Results Based Management

International and national organizations, both public and non-governmental, are increasingly being called upon to use results based management. Although the expectation is that this will lead to improved programs and projects by making them accountable to donors, beneficiaries and the organization itself, many have discovered that implementing results based management is not easy. It requires a different way of viewing tasks. It means looking into the future, understanding the context in which the program works, and finding ways to express objectives and verify that they have been achieved. This course is meant to assist organizations and individuals improve their knowledge of results based management and to develop skills to make it work.  Additional Information.

International Public Management

The course focuses on how international public and non-governmental organizations manage five key functions: regime creation, norm enforcement, peace, security and humanitarian assistance, development assistance and internal management. This course is a semester long, non-credit, graduate level course.

Evaluation of Programs and Projects

The course addresses the issue of how to evaluate the impact of programs and projects undertaken by international public and non-governmental organizations. This course is a semester long, non-credit, graduate level course.

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