Technical Assistance

Executive Education acts as the chief facilitator for Maxwell's technical assistance initiatives.  As the leading school of public administration in the country and the home to six difference social science disciplines, the Maxwell School has a wealth of human resources that it can apply to a variety of development programs.  One of the most important types of technical assistance Maxwell provides is directed to academic institutions abroad that are attempting to create or improve professional programs in international relations or public administration.  Such work dates back to the tenure of Maxwell's second Dean, Paul Appleby, who provided technical assistance to the newly formed government of India during the Nehru era.

Institutional Development

Executive Education provides an efficient way for an organization to tap into the expertise of Maxwell to find solutions for their complex and multifaceted challenges.  Our partners have the opportunity to leverage the know-how of the leading scholars and practitioner in the field in a flexible arrangement that meets their specific needs.  Some partners have found that their requests have fit into current research projects or other ongoing activities that have allowed them to access a wealth of information and expertise that would be hard to gather under different circumstances.

International Initiatives

Executive Education works around the world.  In the past 15 years, Executive Education has played a leading role in the internationalization of the Maxwell School taking on partnerships with foreign educational institutions.  From developing graduate programs in China, to civil service reform in India, to non-profit restructuring in Russia, to budget reform in Thailand, Executive Education has proven experience.

Previous Participating Agencies

  • United Nations
  • World Bank
  • United Nations
  • Ford Foundation
  • Ministry of Personnel, Government of India
  • China National School of Administration

Please contact Daniel Nelson at if you are interested in leveraging Maxwell’s experience for your project.