Certificate of Advanced Study in Leadership of International  and Non-government Organizations (Concurrent)

This Certificate of Advance Study provides mid-career managers and policy makers with a documented concentration in Leadership of International and Non-Government Organizations. This 12-credit certificate may be pursued concurrently with either an EMIR or EMPA degree.Advanced Study in Leadership of International and non-government organization Students in classThis certificate reflects the increasing growth in the international public sector whereby international and non-government organizations are deeply involved in functions previously managed by national governments including service delivery, poverty reduction, conflict management, corruption prevention, and so on.  

To receive the certificate, students must take four classes one required and the other three taken in the three thematic areas. Students must seek approval from the faculty advisor about the proposed courses for the certificate prior to enrollment.

 Required Course: PAI 895 Executive Education Seminar

Example Courses for Theme 1: International public sector operating context and rs PAI 763: Seminar on Managing NGOs in Transitional and Development Countries
PAI 632: International Public and NGO Management
PAI 730-16: United Nations Organizations -- Managing for Change
PAI 730-19: Humanitarian Action: Challenges, Responses, Results  Example Courses for Theme 2: Managerial Skills and Competencies PAI 734: Public Budgeting PAI 633: Evaluation of International Programs and Projects
PAI 747: Human Resource Management for the Public Sector  Example Courses for Theme 3: Policy Analysis PAI 775: Energy, Environment & Resource Policy
PAI 897: Fundamentals of Public Policy
PAI 736: Economics of Health and Health Policy 

Certificate Director 
Steve Lux, Director, Executive Education; Part-time professor
219 Maxwell Hall 
(315) 443-3759