Certificates of Advanced Study in Post-Conflict Reconstruction (Concurrent)

The Certificate of Advanced Study Program in Post-conflict Reconstruction (PCR) provides EMPA and EMIR students with a 12-credit documented concentration and familiarization with the major aspects of PCR, the various dimensions and goals of post-conflict work, the types of actors who conduct it, the trade-offs and dilemmas they face, and the lessons learned from its application across various settings. This Certificate offers the analytical tools to help students be successful in public service careers in the fields of PCR and international development and can be pursued concurrently with the EMPA or EMIR degree. 

Post Conflict Students in class

The interdisciplinary nature of the certificate program provides students the opportunity to participate in a combination of specialized coursework and coordinated professional development experiences.

Students interested in obtaining the Certificate in Post-Conflict Reconstruction should consult the list of required and elective courses and other credit-bearing activities.  The 12-credits encompass 4 courses including one capstone.

Detailed information about the CAS in PCR can be found at the Certificate administrator’s website, the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism (INSCT).  

Certificate Advisors


Marlene Diamond 
402 MacNaughton Hall
College of Law

Nicholas Armstrong 
402 MacNaughton Hall
College of Law