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Certificate of Advanced Study in Public Administration

Executive Education designed this certificate for midcareer professionals who cannot leave work to complete the entire EMPA but still desire a rigorous educational experience focusing on significant elements of the public administration. The certificate can be completed in two ways:

  •  Enrolled as a full-time student for one semester (roughly 15 weeks)
  •  Enrolled part-time completing the course work in 1 to 3 years

To complete the certificate, students are required to complete 12-credits of course work from Public Administration course offerings (recognized by a PAI prefix), including one required course, PAI 895, Managerial Leadership. Most individuals taking the certificate state an interest in improving their management and leadership skills or an interest in developing concrete knowledge in a specific policy area.

SA - Public Admin - Vanslyke David
  • 1 Required Course: PAI 895 Executive Education Seminar
  • 3 additional PAI courses

Certificate Advisor
Margaret Lane, Assistant Director, Executive Education

219 Maxwell Hall

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit the Gainful Employment website.