Humphrey Alumni

Faith Akbulu

Fatih Akbulu
Mr. Akbulut’s focus of his studies is on best practices in decision-making at the federal, state and local levels, especially within national resource allocation. Effective and efficient implementation of democratic governance policies is also an area of concentration.

Khaled Al-Ajmi

Khaled  Al-Ajmi
Dr. Al-Ajmi is focusing on information and communication technology policy and practices and how the society can maximize its benefits. He is interested in the intersection of ICT policy acceptance and integration into governmental and private sectors, with an emphasis on the banking sectors.

Jungwook Auh

Jungwook  Auh
Ms. Auh is focusing her studies on the analysis of best practices of U.S. information technology policy, especially in the area of standardization. In the process, she is also placing an emphasis on public policy implementation, analysis and evaluation.

Samuel Cole

Samuel  Cole
Mr. Cole’s focus is on public administration and public policy with an emphasis on election administration, leadership, domestic and foreign development policies and peaceful, democratic political transitions...

Nicolas Hernandez

Nicolas  Hernandez
Mr. Hernandez is focusing his studies on civil society, public policy and transparency, especially in regards to anti-corruption. He also is emphasizing leadership and non-profit management, ethics and governance...

Mutriba Latypova

Mutriba  Latypova
Ms. Latypova is concentrating her studies on state-building in the 21st century. Her focus will include U.S. foreign policy, economics, policy analysis and administration...

Saidal Luni-Humphrey

Saidal Luni
Mr. Luni is continuing the focus of his previous study in the area of decentralization of governments- the transfer of administrative and fiscal authority, and its relationship with sustainable development, especially in developing countries...

Shahla Mahmudova

Shahla  Mahmudova
Ms. Mahmudova is focusing her studies on policy analysis, public administration in developing countries, public sector reform and financial management in state and local governance...

Baloko Makala

Baloko Makala
Ms. Makala is concentrating on information and communication technology policy development and implementation with a specific emphasis on how new policies can not only be implemented but regulation can also be monitored...

Mary-Jane Ncube

Mary-Jane  Ncube
Ms. Ncube is focusing on public administration, public policy, governance and democracy with an emphasis on the equitable distribution of resources. She has an interest in combining academic theory, peer learning and practical experience in order to expand her experiential learning opportunities.

Nampoiniaina Rabenasolo

Nampoiniaina  Rabenasolo
Mr. Rabenasolo’s area of focus is governance and anti-corruption initiatives and strategies with an emphasis on sustainable development best practices. He also is exploring public service reforms, public policy analysis and has interest in strengthening civil society capacities in reform measure adherence...

Umar  Riaz

Umar  Riaz
Mr. Riaz is undertaking the study of public administration, policy development and implementation with a focus on best practices, governance and capacity building...

Loday Tsheten

Loday  Tsheten
Mr. Tsheten is emphasizing studies in public policy analysis and administration in context to good governance. He has interest in learning both the theoretical and practical aspects of public policy analysis and administration in order to best parlay these experiences into his professional duty of preventing corruption.