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Humphrey Alumni

Ronald Amorado

Ronald  Amorado
Mr. Amorado is coming to Syracuse University from the Philippines.  He wishes to focus his studies as a Humphrey Fellow on the topics of public policy analysis and policy evaluation especially as it relates to good governance and anti-corruption reforms...

Joseph Abass Bangura

Joseph Bangura
Mr. Abass is joining the Executive Education Program from Sierra Leone.  While studying at the Maxwell School, he will be focusing his studies on social transformation through business investments such as microfinance...

Nimrod Goren

Nimrod Goren
Mr. Goren joins us from Israel.  He has worked as the founding director of the Young Israeli Forum for Cooperation (YIFC), a policy-oriented NGO within Israel which enables students and young professionals to take a positive, strong role in shaping Israel’s relations with its Middle-Eastern and European neighbors...

Jamel M'Hedhbi

Jamel  Hedhbi
Mr. M’Hedhbi joins us from Tunisia where he works to coordinate national strategies and projects for the integration of information technology to the populace.  After his research and studies in policymaking, strategic implementation and deregulation, he will return to Tunisia to develop and deploy new communication strategies and policies to help the processing and privatization of the information technology field...

Alexei Ionasco

Alexei  Ionasco
Mr. Ionasco will be joining the Maxwell School from Moldova.  His focus of studies will be on policy analysis, policy administration, organizational change and leadership in order to assist his country in ensuring sustainable economic development...

Dong-Seok Lee

Dong Seok  Lee
Mr. Lee currently works for the Korea Communication Commission, which regulates information technology certification of new devices...

Addys Claribel Then Marte

Addys Marte
Ms. Then Marte comes to Syracuse University from the Dominican Republic where she has worked in the public and NGO sectors.  Her experience has been in managing social development projects such as strengthening public participation as well as increasing social responsibility and volunteerism in the business sector...

Shouvik Mitra

Shouvik Mitra
Mr. Mitra is coming to Syracuse from India, where he works in helping build community capacity, enabling greater economic opportunities for rural citizens.  Families in poverty in these areas can benefit from both increased health and education services...

Anita Sarmah

Anita  Sarmah
Ms. Sarmah joins us from India where she works with the Indian railway system.  Her goals for her studies and research are to “catalyze private investment to create infrastructure in the Indian Railways”...

Emma Roxana Silva

Roxana  Silva
Ms. Silva comes to Syracuse University from Ecuador where she works to design and implement projects on accountability, social control and human rights for Ecuador’s citizens.  Through her studies and research she will focus on public policy analysis, democracy, anti- corruption, nonprofit administration and techniques for citizens to be able to exercise their rights and responsibilities...

Simpson Snoh

Simpson  Snoh
Mr. Snoh joins us from Liberia.  Mr. Snoh’s focus will be on mitigation of conflicts, public policy analysis and evaluation, system processes, best practices, quantitative methods, conflict analysis, decision-making and analytical skills...