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Humphrey Fellows

Hassan  Arshad

Hassan  Arshad
Mr. Hassan Arshad seeks to expand his knowledge in human resource management and leadership...

Gina  Chacon

Gina  Chacon
Ms. Gina Chacon’s area of focus is in expanding her knowledge of social policy and methods of policy analysis, evaluation, and program design...

Darys  Jimenez

Darys  Jimenez
Ms. Darys Jimenez is seeking to improve her understanding of democratization and American public policy...

Nejib  Khabbouchi

Nejib  Khabbouchi
Mr. Nejib Khabbouchi is interested in learning about auditing, public procurement and anti-corruption during his Fellowship...

Mohammad Atul  Mondal

Mohammad Atul  Mondal
Mr. Mohammad Atul Mondal is interested in policy analysis, policy implementation in democratic systems, capacity building and personnel administration in order to bolster policy implementation practices in his country...

Ana Marcela  Paredes

Ana Marcela  Paredes
Ms. Ana Marcela Paredes’ area of focus is in best practices and the electoral process. She is specifically interested in learning about management indicators...   

Adrian  Perez

Adrian  Perez
Mr. Adrián Pérez has an interest in the public policy analysis and public administration skills needed to contribute towards good governance in Argentina...

Ajmal  Poya

Ajmal  Poya
Mr. Ajmal Poya intends to enhance his knowledge of public administration and policy implementation in the contexts of fragile and conflict-affected states...

Dahlia Khoury  Sader

Dahlia Khoury  Sader
Ms. Dahlia Khoury Sader intends to improve her knowledge of capacity building, NGOs and systems of transparency and electoral processes as a Humphrey Fellow...

Madeleine  Sialou

Madeleine  Sialou
Ms. Madeleine Sialou seeks to develop her evaluation and performance measurement skills in order to fill current information gaps during her county’s postwar era...

Andrijana  Vojnovic

Andrijana  Vojnovic
Ms. Andrijana Vojnovic seeks to expand her understanding of NGO management, particularly focusing on NGO/government partnerships and the participation of civil society organizations in policy development...